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Elegant ladder to reach your next-level storage

To create more space in your apartment you might make use of room under the ceiling. If you choose a BEAM-IT-UP® storage system with nets and shelves the ladder will be very useful for you to reach your ceiling storage.

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254,50 cm
Maximální zatížení
150 kg
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cca 3 pracovní dny
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139,99 Kč
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Maximize space in small apartments with BEAM IT UP®

With the ladder you can access the under-ceiling storage room. Here you can store suitcases, boxes with Christmas decorations, winter clothes etc. We, DOLLE think in square metres rather in cubic metres, and we are dedicated to developing products that bring the home's unused space into play. And we have done so since 1952 with our loft ladders.

LADDER FOR BEAM-IT-UP® - Access the storage space under the ceiling

The ladder has 10 treads and connects to the BEAM-IT-UP® System, also in white. The string is made from pine and threads are made of beech. Max installation height is 227 cm as defined in instruction manual. The ladder is divided in two (2x 5 threads) so optimized for space saving when it is not in use. The ladder connects to the BEAM-IT-UP® system via an assembly bracket and hanger brackets


254,50 cm
Maximální zatížení
150 kg
Bílá RAL 9010
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